16 years, making it happen now, and what to expect

This book series has been sixteen years in the making.

I will share the story of this journey in time.

I wrote and published book of this series, called, "Cammi's Story." 

For now, know that I am determined to write this series. I am so determined, in fact, that I will write every day for the next three years to write and publish this series.

These three years will consist of me writing more than I have because I want to share these stories. Moreover, I want to get the skeleton of the Stories of Lethana Series published. These fifteen books will provide the framework of the rest of the stories I want to share with you.

Therefore, after the three years, I will then fill in all the holes in the stories of the fifteen books.
At this point, I know a very general outline of the fifteen books. However, I know the last scene of these fifteen books and also know the last scene of the entire series.

Moreover, I have the page count for about 1.41 books (they are still in 1st Rough Draft status, though). After all, I had Cammi's Story written already. I have changed it quite a bit, added a great deal material, and am editing it even more. This is why I have about 1.41 books of material written so far. These 1.41 books, however, are pages that will end up in 5 books. (Sigh.) Consequently, I have a lot more writing to do. (But, hey. I have a year to do so. One year from my official start date of March 12, 2023.)

Stay tuned. Things are going to get quite interesting.

Have a blessed day.


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